Haunted Hike

Haunted Hike

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A Spooky Halloween Adventure!

A Haunted Hike hosted by our sister company The Nature Objective!

ONE NIGHT ONLY! 6-8pm, Friday, October 27, 2023
for kids ages 5-10! 
Looking for a spooky outdoor adventure that the whole family can enjoy? We've got you covered! Bring your kiddos and their friends out for a Haunted Halloween Hike hosted by our sister company, The Nature Objective! 

Participants will be given a secret location pin 20 minutes northwest of downtown Lawrence where they will bring their kids for a private, outdoor experience getting "lost in the woods" and finding their way back out. Guests will have small flashlights if they choose to bring one, a two way radio (provided), and a lot of courage! Experience dead ends on the trail, mazes, ghouls, goblins, along with the best startles and scares the darkness of the woods can provide!

Groups depart every 5-10 minutes to maintain plenty of space and it should probably take about an hour to make it back to your car on foot, unless you get really lost! You may request a specific time on your enrollment form and we will do our best to accommodate. This family event is for kids age 5-10 along with their parents and chaperones. Each group must have at least one parent/guardian of one child in the group present at all times and groups must stay together for the entire event. 

This event requires advance registration and walk ups are not allowed. The Halloween Hike is for kids, their family members, and friends. No more than two adults and two vehicles per group (unless the extra adults are parents and an exception has been made).

Rain or shine, warm or cold, so dress appropriately! Not for the faint of heart!


4 or less total, including up to 2 adults - $120

5-6 total, including up to 2 adults - $150

7-8 total, including up to 2 adults - $175

This hike is hosted by our sister company The Nature Objective, all invoices will come from their storefront and will reflect on your card statement as "The Nature Objective."

6-8pm, Friday, October 27, 2023


The private nature preserve is never open to the public and visitors are only allowed when scheduled in advance in order to avoid trespassing. All visits require reservations and visitors must agree to the rules of the property, including the NDA regarding the private location (for the safety of the animals, children, property owners and visitors) and a Hold Harmless waiver. Geo-tagged photos are not allowed.

Your group will always be a 10 minute walk away from the group before and after you. Groups are not allowed to engage each other. You will experience live character actors, dark shadows, startle scares where things jump out by surprise, scary props, fog, and trippy lighting, possibly including strobe lights. Participants must drive themselves to the property, and provide their own food, beverages, insect repellent, etc. if needed, and stay in their vehicles until their group is beckoned.